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Colleen DulleAugust 09, 2017

Excerpt from Pedro Arrupe (Orbis)
Hiroshima images from the National Archives

Politics & Society Video
America FilmsJuly 24, 2017
In 1994, Mark Singel had an eight-point lead in the race for governor of Pennsylvania. A month before the election, news broke that Reginald McFadden, whose life sentence Singel had voted to commute two years before, had killed again. His campaign never recovered from the blow. Now, 25 years later
Faith Video
America FilmsJuly 14, 2017
Fr. James Martin, S.J., answers the five most common questions and critiques about “Building a Bridge.”
Faith Video
America FilmsJuly 11, 2017

Over 3,000 Catholics are gathered in Orlando for a one of a kind gathering.

Politics & Society Video
America FilmsJuly 05, 2017
Three years after the 50-day war broke out in Gaza, local artists are helping children heal from war's traumas.
Faith Video
America FilmsJune 28, 2017
Pope Francis tells five new cardinals not to become ‘princes’ but to serve like Jesus.